Beth Borsato

Beth Borsato

Beth has been producing and exhibiting her mixed media work since attending the Fine Arts program at North Island Collage in 2008.  Coffee, tea, ink and found paper play integral roles in her practice.  She is inspired and influenced by the figurative art of Egon Schiele and Henri de Toulouse-Loutrec, though it was the discovery of Dada, and in particular the collages of Hannah Höch, that truly lit the creative flame.

Since then, her art-making philosophy is clear; make art whenever possible, wherever possible, with whatever is available.

“If you wait around for the conditions to be perfect, it’s never going to happen.  You do not need a studio and professional artist grade materials to make art!  For myself, making art is my way of processing the world around me.  It has become a daily practice as important as breakfast.  Every little bit that I do brings me closer to that AHA!’ moment, when you realize that you’ve made something special.  That is my favourite part of being an artist.”

Beth realized early on that teaching art was something that she really wanted to do, and that she wanted to share that ‘AHA!’ moment with others..

When I had my first teaching experience in 2012, I was working with people that were whole heartedly convinced that they were not artists, and that they could not make real art,; it was a little bit heartbreaking.  I took it on as a bit of a personal mission to try to expand the narrow definition that a lot of people had of art, and to show people, that yes, you are an Artist!  Galileo said it best: “We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves. This sums up perfectly how I feel about teaching Art, and I am both thrilled and proud to have the opportunity to put that into practice at Lupine Art Studio.”

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