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    5 star review  I am super in love with this art studio and feel very fortunate that our town gets to have them here. I really enjoyed the print making class with Beth. I will definitely take more classes in the future, which says a lot, because I tend to be the kind of person that stumbles through trying to figure it out on my own. The only trouble is trying to decide which class to do next.

    thumb Jody Richards

    5 star review  Jess and Beth are awesome teachers! They are so supportive of everyones creativity! And more importantly they put up with my sense of humour! I took the very informative beginners painting class. I learned a hole lot when I was paying attention and not painting my tree on the side.... may have to take this one again LOL.... Thanks Jess and Beth for gracefully letting me screw around in class!

    thumb Angel Sentes