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We always have something new and exciting happening! We offer both multi-week art classes and short workshops.

Get creative in our art classes

Lupine Art Studio is a community art studio located downtown Courtenay in the Comox Valley.
We are dedicated to the idea that everyone has the ability to create amazing art while developing their own style and loving it. In our art classes, we teach skills and techniques using a wide range of mediums. Be brave – join us in our spacious and supportive art studio.

Why we are here…

Lupine Art Studio strives to be a space for all artists whether novice or advanced. We want to be a local hub for creative art making in the Comox Valley. Our space is welcoming and supportive – everyone can feel comfortable (and sometimes brave) making art and having fun creating with their hands.

Lupine Art Studio seeks to deliver fun, interesting and exceedingly creative art classes and workshops within an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. Facilitators are passionate about art and are committed to working with partners in the community. We believe everyone has an inner artist just itching to get out!

Who we are…

Jess has been dreaming about an art studio since she was in her early twenties… and Derek has been dreaming to start business with more community involvement for years. Finally, after 18 years together they decided that time was right for making both of their dreams come true. Because is there a better time to open a new business than when you have two small children? They thought not.

There are as many different styles of art as there are people in this world. Everyone has something unique to bring to the canvas, the paper, or the slab of clay. Sometimes it just takes a pinch of bravery to let your own creativity shine through.  -Jess Kaufman

What people say about our art classes


    5 star review  DId the linocut workshop, really enjoyed it! Beth is a fantastic teacher.

    thumb Helena Spears

    5 star review  Our group had a great time! We received excellent instruction,and absolutely everything was provided. Even the “total beginner” painters produced beautiful results. I will definitely be doing more art classes at Lupine!

    thumb Amanda Low

    5 star review  It's was exactly what I needed. Was well paced, interesting and Awesome! Can't wait to check out some other classes as well . Also the gingerbread cookies where fabulous !

    thumb Shannon Diane Fisher
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